Three Things You Never Want To Forget When Leaving the House


Leaving the HouseYou’ve had that moment, right? Everyone’s had that moment – you’re halfway to university or work, on the bus or the train or in your car, and you’ve suddenly realised you’ve left something at home. Of course, some things are more important than others, but what’s worse is that you could have forgotten to do something to ensure the security of your house while you are away. Here are three things, including material items and actions, that you should take care to do or have before you leave the house.

This one’s pretty obvious. You need your keys to get back into your house, and usually a keychain contains keys for plenty of other important places like offices, garages and the like. If you have separate keys on different keychains for any reason, make sure you know exactly where they are at all times. Have designated areas in your bag or your house for leaving your keys, so you either have them on your person or they would be hard to miss when you leave the house.Having a spare key hidden isn’t the best idea either, as it is one of the easiest ways thieves gain access to your house without having to break anything, and means that the lock on your door isn’t actually providing you with any security at all.

Make sure everything is locked and secure
It’s easy to miss an open window, forget to lock the back door, or even make sure the garage door is closed whenever you leave your home. By forgetting to do so, you are unwittingly opening up your house to danger. Depending on how large your house is, reserve two to five minutes for checking that all the blinds are closed, all the windows are secure, and that all of your doors are shut and locked.

Wallet or Purse
You would normally associate your wallet with money, and not having any money on you to buy lunch or groceries for that particular day would probably be your first concern if you’d realised you’d left your wallet at home. However, it does also contain other extremely important documents like your license and credit card details. These, if stolen, not only mean a lengthy and possibly expensive process to replace all of your cards, but also pose a large threat to your personal security.

Everyone worries about the security of their home and all their belongings, and by making sure you do and have these things on hand, you will be doubly ensuring its safety.The above are just three things that everyone should consider important, but obviously, different households would have different needs and concerns.If you have any additional issues, or would like some more advice on how to keep your home and belongings safe, security professionals like Stylewise Security can help you out, and give you some peace of mind.

What are your opinions – what do you consider the three things that everyone should never forget ?What’s the most important thing you have forgotten to do or take with you before you have left the house, and how did you respond? Your experiences and tips may help many others, so leave a comment down below to share your thoughts.

The Importance of Pet Friendly Pest Management


Pet FriendlyImagine this: you’ve returned home from a family holiday, opened up the curtains, let fresh air in through your windows, only to discover there are ants marching their way across your kitchen counters, the cupboards are full of cockroaches, and, wait… was that a mouse?

When you discover pests in your home, the first reaction is often to grab the nearest can of bug spray, set mice traps or rat poison around the rooms, or to call a pest controller like Trusted Pest Management to amend the situation for you. As effective as these options are, they do pose a risk for the animals who are welcome in your home—your pets. Chemicals, poisons and traps are intriguing for cats and dogs, and might lead to serious health problems should they ingest or become tangled in what is meant to lure away nasties.

Even if you pet does not live inside, spreading chemicals around the rooms can eventually find their way outside, be it on your skin, which spreads to the food you feed your pet, or on the soles of your shoes as you walk in and out the house. There is always a risk involved, so unless your exterminator can assure you of the low chemical content of their products, there are options that use natural or non-chemical solutions.

Fly Screens and Ultrasonic Devices

Preventative measures such as fly screens and ultrasonic devices are often a convenient way to keep pests away from the interiors, to the extent where you won’t notice their presence in your house. Fly screens present a simple barrier between outside and inside, while allowing fresh air to travel through the tiny holes in the mesh, too small for bugs to wriggle through. Ultrasonic devices, which can be found at hardware stores, emit noises that are at a frequency which is very uncomfortable for small pests, which fall outside any audible spectrum that humans can here. Therefore, they can be set to do their job, with little to no impact on your day-to-day routine.

Ridding the Temptations

A sure way to rid your home of pests is to rid the temptations that bring them inside in the first place. Keeping your home free from rubbish, clutter and dampness can remove potential homes and bait for bugs and rodents. Keeping food in plastic air-tight containers will help them maintain their freshness while also prohibiting pests from burrowing through to your food.

Opting for Natural Pest Rememdies

Natural pest remedies should also be considered for the well-being of your pets, as well as other humans. Making natural repellants for pests such as ants, termites, cockroaches and mice and rats are not only simple, they can be made of ingredients usually found in your pantry, and are therefore cost-effective. There are many home-remedies found online that you can source depending on what you have available and what kind of pet you are trying to protect.

Pets, no matter how big, how old, or what species, are an extension of our family. We love them dearly, and would be devastated should any harm come to them. This is why it is so important to keep them out of harm’s way, and researching pet-friendlypest management tools for you is the most effective way to do so.